STELLAR PROJECT explores dual concepts of cosmos and chaos, order and complexity, language and affect, the nameable and the ambiguous. Continuing Lang’s choreographic investigations of embodied and experiential perceptions of space and time, the work probes the duality and coexistance of these concepts. At the heart of the investigation is the shared experience of the human body; the body as living receptors, measurers and generators of our intellectual, spiritual and corporeal understandings of the Universe.

Choreography & concept: Prue Lang

Performers: Mikaela Carr, Benjamin Hancock, Lauren Langlois, Amber McCartney, Harrison Ritchie-Jones

Dramaturgical reflection: Rebecca Hilton

Lighting design: Jenny Hector

Sound design: Mark Pederson

Costume design: Fozia Akalo

Producer: Alison Halit

Supported by Dancehouse, Creative Victoria, Australia Council for the Arts, Besen Foundation, Lucy Guerin Inc., City of Melbourne, Maximised Chunky Move, VCA

Photos: Pippa Samaya