Fayen d’Evie,  Prue Lang,  Troy McConnell,  Sophie Takách

Handovers + Translations was a collaboration between choreographer Prue Lang, visual artist Fayen d’Evie, sculptor Sophie Takách and blind artist Troy McConnell. Throughout October 2016, Gertrude Glasshouse Gallery in Melbourne was the site for a series of trans-sensory and inter-material translations, accumulating as an evolving haptic exhibition:

//audio-description transfigured as generative, vibrational practice / movement improvisations / hide(s) / work — works — work sites / articulated armatures / materials under tension / skin(s) / boundaries of encounters / resistance / responsiveness / contraction and release / transmission from body to material, from material to body, from material to material, from body to body / scores for encounters between bodies and material histories / taxonomies of touch / imprints of contact / distributed authorship / activation / elasticity / vibrational silence / private handovers / public handovers / removal / retreat / return / repeat //

Performer-explorers: Prue Lang, Louella Hogan, Benjamin Hancock, Harrison Ritchie-Jones

Photos: Pippa Samaya