Something overriding logic and moving between the senses

Lang chose to collaborate with French artist Mathieu Briand –renowned for his fine art in sensory perception- on this work for the Festival Temps d’Images in Paris. Inspired by Duchamp’s Infrathin they together developed a unique sensorial environment to enhance and intensify the spectator’s perception of Dance. The audience are given protective clothing suits and asked to experience the performance barefoot. On entering the performance space, feet plunge into five tonnes of talcum powder and a green laser floods and slices the space, creating an optical illusion of being immersed in water. As Kristin Swiat and Luis Rodriguez begin their duet, sound drifts through the space and the choreography becomes a crystallized skin generating waves of fine talc that float in and out of the light. The notion of Infrathin is one of focus and the spectator simultaneously resolves the dancing bodies with his/her own proprioceptive contact with the talc. The mesmerizing nexus of image, movement and sensation, brings an entirely new way of perceiving and situating oneself in contemporary dance.

30 minutes
10m x 7m
2 x performers

Festival Temps d’Images ARTE/ La ferme du buisson, Paris FRANCE 2005
Transart festival, Bolzano ITALY 2006
ARTE tracks – La fleur de peau et Prue Lang avec Mathieu Briand FRANCE 2006

Co-production : La ferme du Buisson –Scene nationale de Marne-la-Vallee / ARTE, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf