Iris finds its focal point in the subversion of the male gaze on the female body. The eponymous character derives satisfaction working as an undercover call girl to collect photographic evidence for a female client. Exploiting her own fetishistic gaze on the male body, Iris skilfully achieves her objectives through a subtle game of seductive manipulation. The film provides a conceptual framework in order to appropriate the female dancing body while exploring subversive gazes within a film narrative. The camera is used both as the protagonist’s device for capturing an image while simultaneously providing the audience with a lens to consider their own socially constructed views on gender. Dialogue is deliberately absent from the film to exemplify that the implicit lies delicately between the physical actions and the shifting examination of the gaze.

6 minutes
Short film
within Frankfurt Dance Cuts

ARTE Televison FRANCE / GERMANY 2005,
Dance on camera festival, New York U.S A. 2005
Dance screen Bristol U.K. 2005
Festival Temps d’image Rome ITALY 2005
Reeldance International Dance on Screen festival, Sydney AUSTRALIA 2006
Cinedans Festival, Amsterdam HOLLAND 2006
Festival di palazzo venezia, Rome ITALY 2006

Produktion: Tag/Traum Köln, Auftragsproduktion für ZDF/ARTE