EPISODE is a collective formed by Prue Lang, Nicole Peisl, and Richard Siegal, dedicated to the development of extemporaneous performance. In an attempt to re-think the performance-making process, the collective created the Episode dogma through which to develop systems of real-time composition. Each Episode is created in accordance with the dogma and opens the space to collective participation and authorship.

At the invitation of Klapstuk #12 Festival, Episode collaborated with Berlin laptop musician Christian Kleine to create and perform The Kleine episode. Fourty-four different smurfs were placed on the stage and acted as an interface between the dancers and the musician. Together they developed a real-time performance system in which the displacement of smurfs and their particular qualities triggered changes in light, sound and physicality, enabling them to simutaneously create and manipulate the theatrical dynamics of the space.

40 minutes
10m x 8m
4 x performers

Klapstuk #12 festival, Leuven BELGIUM 2005

Co-production : STUK Leuven, Belgium and the EPISODE collective