Episode was born from a meeting in the Frankfurt Ballett between Prue Lang, Nicole Peisl and Richard Siegal who shared a common desire to rethink their performance-making process. The name Episode refers to two important aspects of their artistic agenda: collectivity and serial process. They believe the idea of collectivity is important to investigate in contemporary performance-making in which authorship is an embedded subject. Making dance in the 21st century is characterized by collaboration, idiosyncrasy, and developing methods that allow for the individual to determine the performance. To challenge their own process they create a dogma through which to develop each performance and open the space to collective participation and authorship.

The Blueprint episode was the first site-specific commission for the collective. Using a 20 metre space in the Frankfurt Neue Börse, the collective defined an imaginary architecture to which they applied rules of chance to a series of numbered spaces. The activation and function of particular spaces changed according to the previous interaction, enabling a real-time choreographic system by which the performers could produce an unforeseeable structure.

30 minutes
20m x 4m
8 x performers

Neue Börse, Frankfurt a.m. GERMANY 2003

Co-production : Frankfurter Kultur Komitee / Eurex Neue Börse Frankfurt and the EPISODE collective