A collaboration between Prue Lang, writer David Le Barzic and media artist Cindy Lee, this work is an experiment in choregraphed reading. ScreenPlay posits the implicit (the unsaid, the unseen and the unheard) as a central element of communication, exercising shifting effects on the audience’s experience of a work. ScreenPlay consists of a video projection cascading down three screening levels. The installation can be watched from above and/or at eye level, inviting the audience to circumnavigate and experience it through various vantage points. The interplay of text, image and sound induces the audience to privilege a certain perspective, until another takes over, questioning in particular its strong reliance on dimensions as intangible, elusive and illusive as space and time. As the images and text slide and shift around the structure the spectator engages physically in the reading of the event and the possibility of alternative narratives is revealed.

8 minutes (looped)
4m x 4m

Bockenheimer Depot/ Das TAT, Frankfurt GERMANY 2003
Pelerinages Festival, Weimar GERMANY 2004

Co-production : Ballett Frankfurt -Das TAT/ Bockenheimer Depot Frankfurt