Uncharted is a short film in which a couple (Crystal Pite and Richard Siegal) contend with the discrepancies between physical and mental space in a cryptic dual occupancy. Ideals and insecurities spin a web in which they search for a thread to self-understanding, while the unknown hovers around them. Exploring the issue of instability, the film reflects the tensions between isolation and co-dependency, gradually revealing the characters’ idiosyncratic activities. The enigmatic and experimental montage by media artist Cindy Lee lures the viewer into a world where echoes of dream, memory and reality overlap, dance and constrict. The movement of the camera is in frequent counterpoint to the action itself, as the ambivalent narrative process of losing and finding is brought into light.

5 minutes
Short film

Bockenheimer Depot/TAT, Frankfurt GERMANY 2004

Co-production : Ballett Frankfurt -Das TAT/ Bockenheimer depot Frankfurt