Winner BEST PERFORMER Green Room Awards 2023

CASTILLO is new dance performance sparked by an artistic synergy between Prue Lang and Jana Castillo. The work explores the taxonomy of touch and texture through the lens of  choreography and neurodiversity.

CASTILLO danced and described via Pointe Shoes, Socks & Sneakers, exploring friction and texture to generate diverse and nuanced choreographic modalities. Each choreographic investigation is framed by a film, giving the spectator further insight into the complex art of dance making and embodiment. The film and live elements are interwoven to a score by renowned composer Chiara Costanza. CASTILLO is an innovative visual-musical journey, both poetic and virtuosic, that celebrates physical intelligence and difference and stimulates new perceptions of the dancing body.

Jana Castillo has an extra-ordinary physical intelligence and rigor due to her disability (Dystonia) and particular sensibilities due to Autism (ASD). Whilst these are invisible on stage, they are highly present in the rehearsal room and in daily life, making her a strong advocate for more inclusive dance practices. This work embraces her neurodiversity and difference, as we fully adapt the working process to her needs.

We also offer a public Q&A about the project should the venue be interested.

CASTILLO (Video Excerpt)

Concept & Direction: Prue Lang

Choreography: Prue Lang and Jana Castillo

Performer: Jana Castillo

Composer: Chiara Costanza

Lighting designer: Lisa Mibus

Video: Prue Lang, Pippa Samaya, Takeshi Kondo androids: Mathieu Briand

Producer: Alison Halit

Photos: Anne Moffat

This project is funded and supported by The Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, Besen Family Foundation, Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance through the Makers program, Chunky Move, Dancehouse, Lucy Guerin Inc.

We offer a public Q&A about the project should the venue be interested. CASTILLO will also have a further iteration as a tactile-audiodescription for visually impaired audiences to more fully experience dance. This will be presented online with the textural elements sent to participants, in collaboration with Fayen d’Evie & Hillary Goidell.

3-5 March 2022: Dancehouse Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.

15-17 June 2022:  Rencontres Choreographiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, FRANCE.

19-20 August 2022: InDANCE Sydney Dance Company, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

>>18,19,20 January 2024: Theatre Nationale de la Danse -Chaillot, Paris FRANCE