Work-in-progress Showing: DANCE MASSIVE March 2019
WORLD PREMIERE : 28 Feb 2020 -Abbotsford Convent Melbourne Australia
Tour-ready from February 2020

PROJECT F is a kinaesthetic engagement with feminism, felt via a particular focus on female figures from 12th century until now. It uses the parallel stories and music from historic and modern day trailblazing women – Hildegard von Bingen (b. 1102) and Princess Nokia (b.1992) – as provocations to explore notions of feminist utopia, in choreographic terms. PROJECT F is created with an all-female team (choreographer, performers, composer, designers, producer, dramaturg etc.) to illuminate outstanding achievements by local women. We are diverse in age and background, yet all with feminist concerns and a strong aspiration to present positive and powerful female role models for broad audiences. At the heart of this investigation is the shared experience of the human body from an explicitly female perspective and through women’s bodies.

Abbotsford Convent is a precinct with a diverse history and association with women. From 1863 to 1975, thousands of girls and women in need were placed in care at the Convent, with many labouring in the onsite Magdalen Laundries where the performance will take place. The synergies between PROJECT F’s investigation and the Convent precinct provides a layered and textual context for experiencing this presentation.


Choreographer – Prue Lang

Performers – Claire Leske, Amber McCartney, Tara Jade Samaya, Niharika Senapati

Dramaturg / Research – Dr. Philipa Rothfield

Composer – Chiara Costanza

Lighting Designer – Jenny Hector

Producer – Alison Halit

Photos – Pippa Samaya