Spaceproject is the partner piece of Timeproject

Suppose we saw a leaf falling from a tree.

The event “the leaf falls on the ground” can be characterized by its spatial coordinates three in number (eg 54 ° N latitude, 20 ° E longitude and 120 m above sea level) and the time coordinate (for example 29 April, 2013 at 1 h 27 min 43 s). The event could also be characterised by its movement qualities (for example a suspended fall, a series of curved inscriptions in the air, a fluttering, touch and settling, or being caught by the earth). As architect and designer, Fredrick Kiesler pointed out in his manifesto for stage space that embraced three- dimensionality: “There is only one space element: motion.”  And if we map “motion”, it is against one axis representing space and one representing time.  Timeproject (France 2013) was an investigation of movement through the perception of time. Spaceproject (Australia 2015) is the investigation of movement through the perception of space. Both these works have at their heart the human body; the body as living receptor, measurer and generator of understandings of space and time.

Concept & Direction: Prue Lang

Choreography: Prue Lang in collaboration with the dancers.

Performers: Lauren Langlois, Amber McCartney, Benjamin Hancock, James Batchelor

Texts: Lygia Clark, Brian Massumi, Deleuze and Guattari

Lighting: Danny Pettingill

Music: The cure, David Lang, Martial Solal

Sound edit: Maxwell Dowling

Supported by Arts Victoria, Besen Family Foundation, Dancehouse. Studio space at Chunky Move.

Presented at Dancehouse as part of Dance Massive Australia 2015.