Inspired by the writings of Simone de Beauvoir, Intervenus is a unique performance installation created with five women for the Frankfurt Ballet. Exploring the complexities of the self, the (female) body and the relation to the ‘other’, each performer correlates with a specific text and is linked by a large transforming projection. Rooted in the existentialism movement, which stresses personal experience and responsibility of the individual, Beauvoir’s singular and intimate accounts chosen for the work, describe the desire to make rational decisions despite existing in an irrational way. The performance format allows the audience member to choose to observe the performance from a distance, or sit directly opposite a performer simultaneously hearing her text through a pair of headphones. As one connects into the narrative space of the performer, a powerful shift takes place from being the observer to being the observed.

30 min
6m x 4m
5 x performers

Bockenheimer Depot/ Das TAT, Frankfurt GERMANY 2002

Co-production : Ballett Frankfurt -Das TAT/ Bockenheimer Depot Frankfurt