“The image man has of himself is his limit.” Saint Exupery

Created for the Frankfurt Ballett, this duet examines the process inherent in one’s relationship to oneself through the reflection of what is visible. Often used as a self-development tool in dance, the continuous use of a mirror puts us into the Narcissus role of subliminal awareness and numbness in relation to the images of ourselves. The distinction between analysing the visual stimuli reflected back at oneself and analysing one’s physical expression through an inherent sensory awareness, creates a reference from which the dancer crafts his/her own art form. In this performance, a video projected onto and beyond the performers, creates a space in which the relationship to the self and the other, is in constant tension with the shifting reflection. The fluidly constructed visual layers and hypnotic physicality resonate in a powerful state of performance.

30 min
4m x 4m
2 x performers

Bockenheimer Depot/ Das TAT, Frankfurt GERMANY 2001

Co-production : Ballett Frankfurt -Das TAT/ Bockenheimer Depot Frankfurt