The question of time in dance continues to intrigue me.

Time is the unrecognized partner of the spatial and the intimate of the plastic. If there were only one element in the space it would be motion. And if we map “motion”, one axis represents space and the other represents time.

Since the invention of the mechanization of time and the consequent regulation of personal time, we operate on a chronometric time. This mechanical evaluation of time is based on the principle that time is a reflection of change – and essentially physical change. Whether this change be seasonal, the aging of a body or the revolution of a mechanized object, the main feature of this model is that time is quantifiable. Yet despite the synchronicity and linearity of time, its perception is wholly subjective and intangible. Theatre remains distinct in its shared time relationship between the audience and the performer. The complexity of the performer and the performance in time is specific to theatre, attainable because the truth of the situation – that a performance is occurring in the now – underlines all time frames other than ‘now’ as fictive; and as fictions they are malleable. This malleability of time, through a conscious process of examining the time relationship to action, is the departure point for this choreographic work.

Parallel to this, the performance provides an opportunity for the research and development of a prototype of “piezoelectric ” shoes in which the energy of the dancers can be harvested to produce energy. This project is accompanied by a ‘Green rider”, both for the theater and for the company, created in collaboration with Imagine 2020 Art and Climate change.

Conception, mise en scène Prue Lang

Chorégraphie Prue Lang en collaboration avec Douglas Bateman, Norbert Pape, Asha Thomas, Nina Vallon

Avec Douglas Bateman, Norbert Pape, Asha Thomas, Nina Vallon

Lumières Gilles Gentner

Prototype des chaussures récupération d’énergie Graffiti Research Lab

Coproduction Association PLANT / CDC Réseau / Festival Faits d’hiver / Théâtre National de Chaillot /

Avec le soutien du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC Ile-de-France / Fondation d’Art Oxylane

© Hillary Goidell