Dance is as inherently eco-friendly as the Formula 1, but for Prue Lang it is not enough. The former Forsythe Star pedaled on a bicycle in order to generate power required for her “Sustainable Dance Performance”.

Description: Consume energy, produce energy. With which goal? People want to live as long as possible. How they live is demonstrated by Prue Lang, Vanessa Le Mat and Nina Vallon in the completely wonderful “A translucent network” They run through a maze of imaginary rectangular railways and streets, in search of edibles. On the ground are macarons distributed like a chessboard. With deceptive plots, tricks and desires in angular, mechanical and even animalistic movements two women approach a macaron. Then it is swooped up. Or snatched away. Meanwhile the third woman pedals away at the generator in order to produce the sparse light.

Yet the eating produces energy and the dancing generates more energy. On their bodies, sewn into their costumes, are a series of batteries that are charged by their movements. They then provide the current of energy needed for the music in the next performance. The shrill costumes are by Amanda Parkes from New York, a designer experienced in crossing clothing with technology. Premiered in Paris, Prue Lang calculated precisely how many macarons corresponded to the energy spent in the performance. In Düsseldorf she will look for another biscuit. From local production not to use unnecessary energy. Thus please, do not go by the car to the performance!!

Assessment: Despite all constraints that they impose: the sinewy trio dance in no way into an eco-niche, but make figuratively tangible how the joys of living and everyday urban life can be brought into harmony. Kicking legs on a bicycle can in fact be splendid, not to mention their tactical dancing. “A Translucent Network” is the first creation in Lang’s Sustainable Dance Project and now gives a very strong desire for more. (Thomas Hahn)