At the invitation of the TATE Modern Prue Lang and Mathieu Briand created a site-specific performance in the Turbine Hall for 100 members of the public. Participants responded to an advertisement in the newspaper inviting them to change their identity and be part of a real-time performance system.
Each participant is fitted with a latex mask and responds to specific instructions sent by SMS over the course of an hour. Through the dissemination of this real-time information, a physical network of operations and behaviours evolve and intersect the public space. Using the natural flow of visitors in the Turbine Hall this unique performance explores identity and social behaviour through its individual and collective dimensions.

60 minutes
100 x performers

Turbine Hall – TATE Modern, London U.K. 2007

Production : The Tate Modern UBS Openings: The Long Weekend 2007 U.K.