Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

The proscenium makes it inevitable: one looks at the other.
Seldom, however does such intimacy succeed in a proscenium-like construction as it does in Prue Lang’s exquisite “Infinite Temporal Series II”. The Cologne association “tanz performance köln” invited long-time Forsythe dancer-choreographer to its festival in the Alte Feuerwache, a mini-edition of the previous “DAMPF” festival.

Prue Lang wanted a moving audience: Actually, her spectators can walk, place themselves alternately in four black prosceniums which she has built around a central space with the dancers inside. But hardly anyone could have the concentration to solve this performance, in which one felt like a witness of a physical experiment, if it were not for this unbelievable sensuousness, Prue Lang succeeds despite abstraction.

By means of the escalating breath of the dancers, the warm light one senses, the quiet spatial electronic sound and the movements always gentle even in the quick passages – the performance proves an absolute security of aesthetic style, even by her restraint. In such a dramatic apocalypse, Prue Lang opposed poetic infinity –and that was certainly not a random choice (Nis)