Infinite Temporal Series is a choreographic installation created by Prue Lang. Inspired by the writing of Jorge Luis Borges, the work explores performance via experimental narrative structures of simultaneous temporalities. The set is a self-contained performance space consisting of a row of five adjacent rooms with two corridors along each side. Each room contains a bench for audience seating. While each spectator is situated in an intimate relationship to the performers in their particular room, they are also afforded a view beyond that room’s immediate confines that penetrates the multiple layers of space and movement in subsequent rooms. Spectators can move freely from room to room during the performance to construct their own individual and multi-perspectival experience of the work. Within this intimate environment, discontinuities of perception emerge as the pursuit of form becomes a technical inquiry of time. The tension between the perspectival framing of the space and the circular choreographic structure produces a meditative experience of temporal simultaneity and duration within a relatively short performance time. Rebecca Groves

30 min
20m x 6m
9 x performers

Bockenheimer Depot /TAT, Frankfurt GERMANY 2003
Klapstuk Festival #11 Leuven BELGIUM 2003
Tanzplattform Deutschland, Düsseldorf GERMANY 2004
Pelerinages Festival Weimar GERMANY 2004
Festival Mettre-en-Scene, Rennes FRANCE 2004
Les Halles de Schaerbeek Brussels BELGIUM 2005
Chunky Move performance space, Melbourne AUSTRALIA 2005

Co-production : Ballett Frankfurt -Das TAT/ Bockenheimer depot, Kunstfest Weimar